Inzko: Local Elections are first and foremost about Concrete Solutions

High Representative Valentin Inzko calls on BiH citizens to exercise their democratic right to get out and vote in the Local Elections on 15 November.

“Elections are a festival of democracy. At the same time, local elections are first and foremost about concrete solutions that will positively affect the everyday lives of citizens, rather than a statement on grand plans to defend the people and the country. This is the time for citizens to vote and through it send a clear message that they demand a better life. A vote is every citizen’s personal Bonn power, and how they cast it will determine the quality of life they and their families will have. Dear citizens, do not let others decide for you, cast your vote and make your own decision about life in your local community,” said the High Representative.

The High Representative also called upon voters to protect themselves and the people working at the polling stations by diligently adhering to the prescribed epidemiological measures such as the wearing of facemasks and following the specific instructions that have been issued by the local election commissions.

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