Inzko: It is reassuring to see that all Levels of Government are taking preventative Measures


High Representative Valentin Inzko fully supports the coordinated actions of all levels of government in BiH aimed at preventing the further outbreak of COVID-19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The HR is convinced that the authorities will undertake additional measures and further strengthen their cooperation and coordination if required by the situation on the ground.

“It is reassuring to see that all levels of government – State, entity, cantonal and municipal, from the State Presidency and the Council of Ministers downwards – are taking preventative measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 and maintain public health.

The rapid reaction and coordinated approach of all levels of government are essential to protect citizens and combat the epidemic. It is reassuring to see that the country can function under extremely challenging circumstances with the politicians putting the interests of the citizens first. Now is the time to put differences aside and maintain the country fully functional,” said the High Representative.

The High Representative calls upon all citizens to act responsibly and to strictly follow the guidelines and instructions issued by relevant authorities to protect themselves, their families, and the most vulnerable categories of the population.

The High Representative also recalled that there are many people who, even in these extraordinary circumstances, are fully engaged, such as medical staff, police officers, Armed Forces, and many others who need our full support to be able to do their jobs. “In these challenging circumstances, we all have to work together in the spirit of solidarity and the best tradition of this country. I wish to express my gratitude to every single citizen who contributes to the efforts to prevent further outbreak. Through the joint efforts of medical experts and responsible institutions, this crisis can be overcome.”

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