Investment Conference in Trebinje completed

May 28, 2017 12:00 PM

Investment Conference TrebinjeThe city of Trebinje will subsidize gross salaries for new employees in the business and economic sector this year in the amount of 500,000 BAM, and by one million BAM in 2018, as announced by the director of the local Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Drazen Boskovic.

The Head of the Department of Planning of the City of Trebinje Zeljka Ruzic spoke about regulatory plans of attractive locations for the potential construction of industrial, commercial, and tourist objects, at the last panel of the Investment Conference in Trebinje.

She put special emphasis on business zones Zasad polje, Istocni logor and Volujac, and stated that the necessary permits, which are location conditions and building permits, can be obtained in a maximum of two days.

Dragan Popovic, director of a branch office of the Employment Service in Trebinje talked about human resources, and everyone present agreed that it is the most important sector. He presented the educational structure of the unemployed persons as well as the most common workplaces in the Employment Service.

He also stated that the number of unemployed persons in Herzegovina was decreased by 6 % compared to 2016, and in the first five months of 2017, it was decreased by 1.7 % compared to the previous period.

The last part of the fourth panel was dedicated to cross-border cooperation. Slobodan Vulesevic from the NGO sector and Alisa Aliti Vlasic from Dubrovnik Development Agency talked on this topic.

Vulesevic presented the document “Mechanisms of cooperation between Trebinje and Dubrovnik”. The main aim of the document is the establishment of a higher level of cooperation.

The Mayor of Trebinje Luka Petrovic noted that they established cooperation with numerous businessmen who are mostly interested in Novo Trebinje and the new construction zone.




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