Investing in infrastructure of the protected natural areas of Sarajevo Canton continues

January 7, 2015 7:30 PM

mountainThe program orientation of the Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas of Sarajevo Canton for 2015, in addition to protection and preservation of original natural values, will be the development of tourism functions of protected areas and investing in infrastructure for visitors – said the representative of the institution Elma Karović. 

She spoke in the interview with the Fena agency about the projects implemented in the past year and plans for 2015. 

She pointed out that tourism development is conditioned by quality infrastructure and catering facilities, so this year they plan to implement a number of projects that will result in an enrichment of infrastructure facilities in all protected areas, adding that they especially plan to build primary infrastructure in the protected landscape of Trebević.

She also added that they were planning to set up mountain furniture that will be distributed within the protected areas and in locations that are registered as the most common retention zones. This furniture is designed for rest, vacation, as a guide and information to visitors.  

“We also plan to regulate the site “Draguljac” which is a valuable object of cultural – historical heritage. At this point, it is planned to set up an information panel which will inform visitors about the values ​​of the site, and there will be minor interventions in the regulation,” she pointed out.  

Promotion of protected natural values, the possibility of sustainable development of such areas, and the importance of preserving biodiversity are undoubtedly the most important goals, and part of the strategy of this public institution. The main factors of attractiveness of the area are interesting natural and landscape values ​​of protected areas. 

As a capital project, she added, the Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas of Sarajevo Canton had implemented the project of rehabilitation and adaptation of the space of the Informative and Educational Center as part of the former mountain lodge on the location of the Protected Landscape “Bijambare”.  

“We have also regulated the outdoor communal structure which includes an external water supply and sewerage network and outdoor lighting,” she said. 

She pointed out that the center can be used by professionals who want to work on scientific research related to biodiversity in the protected area. 

“Under the project “Reconstruction and construction of tourism infrastructure in the area of the natural monument Spring of Bosnia” we have installed the visual communication elements and recreational devices, i.e. an educationally-recreational path. In this way, visitors are able to learn about the values ​​of this area, with particular emphasis on continuous protection of nature,” she explained.  

She also added that the second phase of construction of tarting carriage stop had been completed and funding for the third, final phase, of the area of the natural monument “Spring of Bosnia” provided.  

“Work on the elimination of devastated buildings in the area of the natural monument “Skakavac” has been completed, and these are facilities of the former mountain lodge “Mountaineer” Vogošća and auxiliary building near it,” she said.  

At the same time, they plan to finish construction of the playground Bijambare. 

She recalled that, organized by the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas and Photo-Video Club “Walter” organized on 28 October the opening of the exhibition entitled “Waler’s Three Loves”.  

She added that the exhibition was funded by the Foundation, and the topic were the areas that it manages, and these are Bijambare, Skakavac and Spring of Bosna.  

Karović concluded that in addition to the above programs and objectives, the Cantonal Public Institution for the Protection of Natural Areas actively participates in events and advanced flows of management of protected areas in the region. 


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