Introducing Scientific and Popular Web Magazine BhDOCumentary

September 19, 2014 4:00 PM

stecakBhDOCumentary is a scientific and popular internet magazine, which will present less familiar, insufficiently or unexplored interesting scientific topics from Bosnia and Herzegovina. BhDOCumentary gathers young associates from different social and natural science disciplines.

BhDOCumentary is of scientific and research (the scientific) character and at this point we do not aim to represent any political, nationalist, ideological or mythological topics. We will give the priority to issues and topics from the territory of BiH.

The current concept of the magazine will be updated with new sections and subsections in accordance with the interests of associates and readers.

In addition, in magazine, there will be sections concerning scientific meetings, and expeditions, which we will take from informative news sources that we will download from other sources of information (copy-paste sections). All other texts in other sections will be written by the author.


In the past few years, the research on the distribution and abundance stećaks in the area of ​​Olovo municipality has been implemented. It is important to mention that the BhDOCumentary is a media sponsor of the research project of recording of medieval tombstones-stećaks in the area of ​​Visoko. For that occasion, a separate section Mramorje is created, which  intends to publish the results of the above research project.

The research results will be presented at a scientific conference “River Krivaja through the past (space, time, people),” which will be organized by the Institute for the History of Sarajevo, and will be held in Olovo on September 19th 2014.




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