An Interesting Story of an Old Man who remembers Songs from the Elementary School

“The life of a farmer is beautiful, farmers plug early in the morning. The life of a farmer is beautiful.” This is how 94-year-old Lazar Vuckovic from Trebinje described his life in the village.

He has been closely associated with books and poetry since his childhood, and despite the tenth decade of his life, he still remembers the songs he learned a long time ago.

He is in a good shape, healthy, and he can still do some physical work. His answering in verses continued.

Lazar still remembers when and how he finished his education.

“I finished my school at Vidovdan, back in 1935. I finished four grades of elementary school back then. There were 84 pupils in four grades.

Lazar’s father, the late Vule Vucko Vuckovic, went through the Golgotha of Krf and Thessaloniki Front, and when he returned to his village of Bogojevici, he swore that he would never leave it again.

He returned to his destroyed home and he lost his entire family in that great war.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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