Interesting Story: a Bosnian who looks like an Actor from Vikings Series

August 10, 2017 5:30 PM

Portal Sarajevo Times had an opportunity to make an interview with Mr. Almir Hasanovic, a man born in Vlasenica, a city 90 kilometers northeast from the capital Sarajevo. When he was only 5 years old, Mr. Hasanovic left his homecountry because of war and now he is 30 years old living in Switzerland.

“I have a degree in computer science and I have my own company already for several years. I have real passion for Bodybuilding, I train regularly, every week, for many years,” said Hasanovic for the beginning of the interview.

Many people find you similar as an actor Travis Fimmel of the Vikings series. How was your reaction to that? When did you realize that you look like Travis Fimmel?

I had a positive reaction because the actor Fimmel Travis is very charismatic in the series, he becomes a legend, the audience of the series Vikings will tell you.

I did not realize directly that I looked like Ragnar while watching the series. The observation came later, because people, my relatives (friends and family) began to point out this resemblance, and then other unknown people, people on the street who were calling me and telling me this remark.

The resemblance between you and actor Fimmel is obvious. Did you think about acting apart from doing bodybuilding?

My resemblance to Fimmel Travis is mostly physical. I am not an actor like him and I have never been to any drama school.

Obviously, if the opportunity presents itself, I would gladly play a role, appearing or some other small role. I think I’m quite capable of doing that. To play a leading role, I need to do a lot of work and develop a talent. It would be necessary for me to go to drama school to improve my acting.

I recently opened my YouTube channel in which I propose contents combining bodybuilding and the Vikings series.

I want to present something different to my followers, and that is why I decided to mix these two themes. My goal is also to improve and train my acting.

Besides, you can follow me on social networks if you want to see more photos and videos, and especially judge this resemblance with Ragnar Lothbrok.

How do people react when you say you are Bosnian? Do you consider returning to Bosnia and Herzegovina?

People actually ask me where do I come from when they tell me about this resemblance to Ragnar Lothbrok. Often they think I come from some Nordic country. I reply with some touch of humor that I am a Viking from the Balkans or a Viking from Bosnia and Herzegovina. People are surprised, they do not necessarily know our country.

I come from time to time to Bosnia for holidays, to see my family who lives there.

For the moment, I do not think I will return to Bosnia. My close family is here in Switzerland. Moreover, it is here that I started my business. Maybe when I retire, I would like to settle in Bosnia, will see.

Interview by Zejna SY




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