An interesting Story about Adnan, the Bosnian who is watching over Tito’s Plane

October 17, 2017 10:45 AM

The unique Douglas DC-6 aircraft, which was produced back in 1958 for the then President of SFRY Josip Broz Tito, is now part of a rich collection of planes and other aircraft of Austrian billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, who is known as the owner of the company “Red Bull”.

One of the people who are taking care about hangars and the flying of the aircraft in the collection “Flying Bulls”  is Adnan Sijecic from Sana, and he is also taking care about the so-called Tito’s plane.

“I’m in love with planes from my early days and my dream was to be a pilot someday. Unfortunately, my dream did not come true, but it is great to be close to them at least,” said Sijecic.

One of the planes that attract great attention due to its history is the plane that Tito used to fly. Sijecic said that only a few of these aircrafts were produced, and one of them was delivered from the production line directly to the Yugoslav airline JAT.

Tito ordered this aircraft to be turned into a residence for his needs, which was done. He used the aircraft until 1975 when it was sold to the President of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda. The modernization of the aircraft industry and the introduction of jet engines in the air traffic contributed to the fact that Kaunda lost his interest in this airplane, which was parked at some corner of the airport in Lusaka for a long time.

The aircraft got a new life when Chris Schat, the owner of a small airline company from Namibia, bought it and turned it into an aircraft for panoramic flights above the African savannah. Later, Schat was forced to sell the aircraft due to some business failures, and Sigi Angerer, the main pilot in “Red Bull”, saw the sale advert by chance in a magazine, after which the plane finally ended at the Salzburg Airport.

It was completely disassembled and reconstructed during its restoration, and it turned out to be in a much worse condition than suspected. It received new engines and experts state that it is in a better state now in comparison to when it was purchased.

“The aircraft is placed in the hangar 8 and it is used sometimes. I attended several of its takeoffs and believe me, when that engine turns on, it is an unforgettable song,” said Sijecic for the end.



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