Interesting: 11.5 kg weighing Carp caught in The Starača Lake

carpFisherman Almir Prašljević from Sarajevo caught 11.5 kg weighing carp in the Starača Lake.

For small lake such as Starača, this is one big fish, as said from Association of Citizens Bistro.

It is interesting that Prašljević caught bigger fish than this on Friday night. Namely, he caught carp weighing 12.5 kilograms which he put in fishing net to take a photo of it in the morning.

However, the fish somehow managed to escape from the net.

For all of this not to be just a fish story, Almir got lucky again and caught one kilogram smaller fish which can be seen on the photo.

The Starača Lake in Ilijaš has even bigger carps waiting for masters as Almir, but who will hopefully tie their nets a bit better.


(Source: klix.ba)

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