Interest of Foreign Tourists in Rural Tourism in BiH largely increased?

January 24, 2018 10:15 AM

BiH is increasingly attracting tourists who wish to spend their holidays in our villages. From the association Alterural, which is dealing with the development of rural tourism in BiH, noted that tourists from Scandinavia are interested in this area the most.

Therefore, for example, Scandinavians decide to spend half of their holiday, which is a ten-day stay in BiH, in villages on Bjelasnica and other mountains, they love to visit ethno villages near Konjic, try some traditional homemade food and enjoy rafting.

”The awareness of rural tourism is increasing. People are recognizing the importance of development of an entire micro tourist destination. They are much aware of how important for the destination is to have a good offer. It is very important for them that the destination has interesting content, that there are some organized tourist tours, tour guides, and local food. All of this shows that the situation is getting largely improved,” said Boris Trograncic, the Officer for Communications in Alterural.

He also stated that households started recognizing the opportunity in this area, and therefore, we have an increasing number of ethno villages in BiH in the last couple of years, as well as the increase of rural estates that are dealing with rural tourism.

While talking about potentials, he noted that the entire Balkans, with its hills and the climate that gives the opportunity for visits during the summer and winter, has a large potential for the development of this type of tourism.

One of the largest issues when it comes to the development of this area is the lack of a legal framework that would regulate the field of rural tourism in BiH.




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