Indirect Taxation Authority to enhance Controls of Bakeries in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Beginning on February 18, 2020, inspectors of the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) will begin enhanced controls on the activities of taxpayers engaged in the production of bread, fresh pastries and cakes, and other related products.

The bakery production activity has its own peculiarities, and the Indirect Taxation Authority has recognized the phenomenon of continuous expansion and distribution of this activity, which also increases the possibility of not recording production calculation.

“Accordingly, we inform taxpayers, who have a registered activity code of 10.71 (manufacture of bread, fresh pastry goods and cakes) and 10.89 (manufacture of other food products), that the controlling organizational units of the Indirect Taxation Authority will conduct enhanced control activities of taxpayers throughout the territory of Bosnia by the end of the 4 months of 2020, ” the ITA said.

ITA added that if taxpayers notice any errors or unregistered production and turnover, they should submit the amended VAT returns to the ITA before the arrival of the tax inspectors.



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