Indirect Taxation Authority published Report on the Revenues

Revenue from Indirect Taxes 2015 oslobodjenje.baThe revenues from indirect taxes in nine months of 2015 amounted to four billion and 718 million BAM, and are larger by 143 million BAM or 3.12 percent in comparison with the same period in 2014, when four billion and 575 million BAM were collected, it was announced yesterday from the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) B&H.

After the completion of the VAT refund, the net revenues collected which were distributed to the users for nine months of 2015, and those are the state, entities, and the Brcko District, amounted to three billion and 906 million BAM, and are bigger by 183 million BAM compared to the revenues which the users received from the Single Account for nine months of 2014.

Only in September 2015, the ITA collected 574 million BAM of indirect taxes, which is by eight million BAM more compared to September 2014.

The amount of 560 million BAM was distributed for the funding of state institutions for nine months of 2015.

Since the amounts for the funding of external debt were lower in 2015, this year the FB&H was paid 203 million BAM more, directly to the account, in comparison with last year, the RS 86 million BAM more, and the District Brcko five million BAM more.

On the basis of special toll for the construction of highways (10 fenings) for nine months of 2015, the FB&H got additional 50 million BAM, the RS 33 million BAM, and the District Brcko 1.7 million BAM.

The difference presents the reserve in the special account for toll in the amount of 0.10 BAM.


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