Increase in Number of Suicides and Killings recorded in Sarajevo


In the first eight months, six murders and 24 suicides were committed in Sarajevo Canton. According to information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 16 men and eight women committed suicide.

Most were made by jumping from a building, using a firearm, hanging, drowning, choking.

The black statistics continued in September, when a female person was killed in Dobrinja settlement in Sarajevo and the perpetrator was a man who was in a relationship with her. He first escaped from the scene and then returned after which he was arrested.

In early October, a suicide happened in Stup settlement, in which a man took his own life by jumping from the 9th floor of a building.

Last weekend, a 25-year-old girl was killed in Stup settlement in Sarajevo. The perpetrator was arrested and handed over to Canton Sarajevo Prosecution for further action, Patria News Agency reports.

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