Increase in Electricity Prices will affect the Low Standard of Living of Workers

January 13, 2019 7:30 PM

The Republika Srpska Union of Metalworkers Miners called on Government of Republika Srpska to reconsider the possible increase in electricity prices, which is announced, as it will affect the low standard of living of workers, the chairman of Republika Srpska Metalworkers and Miners Union Obrad Belenzada said.

“The increase in electricity prices will cause chain increase of other items for which the production of this energy is necessary and thus directly affect the standard of workers, especially in real production,” Belenzada told Srna news agency.

He stressed that the Union did not enter into the justification of possible increase in electricity prices, but believes that anyone who advocates rising electricity prices must ensure that there is no chain increase in prices for basic foodstuffs and other products.




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