Income of 10,3 million € for the tunnel ” Vijenac”

November 29, 2012 1:42 PM

Public Company ” Autoceste” of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina had received in advance 4.1 million € from the Slovenian ”Factor” Bank for the construction work on the tunnel “Vijenac”.

Five months ago, the Administration of the Public Company ” Autoceste” FB&H terminated its contract with ” Primorje” because of the bankruptcy proceedings and collected the bank guarantee for good performance at work in the amount of 6.2 million €. With this, all warranty claims were collected in the amount of 10.3 million €, so that the Company ”Autoceste” does not have any warranty claims left in this project.

The Company ”Autoceste” FB&H had entrusted the commitment to build the tunnel to a consortium of B&H companies that had previously been engaged in the construction of the tunnel as subcontractors. Until now the B&H companies had dug out 60% of the tunnel ”Vijenac”. The companies hired more than 300 construction workers, who perform their duties in three shifts. The completion of the construction of the tunnel is planned for March 2013, and the completion of all works on the tunnel ”Vijenac” is estimated around spring 2014.

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  • Taken all facts and advantages for Bosnia into consideration, one can conclude that the best advantage is that this project will employ 300 construction workers. One cann add that the number of 300 workers is not a big number, however it will help their families with additional money. In the end, it will help to decrease the unemployemet rate in Bosnia, in small portion, but however it will decrease

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