In Slovenia, every Fourth Worker is from BiH

The key problem of Slovenia’s economy is that it lacks the labor force in order to have high rates of economic growth as it has been in recent years, said Minister of Economy of that country, Zdravko Počivalšek.

During meeting with the leaders of several foreign-owned companies, Počivalšek said that the interest of foreign investors to open new jobs in Slovenia has increased considerably because building and other permits are issued much easier than before, but that Slovenia still faces a major problem of lack of workforces.

According to data from the National Statistical Office, there were 885,700 active employees in Slovenia at the end of last year, including 87,700 foreigners, which means that almost every 10th employed a foreigner.

Most of them from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 42,000, and then from Serbia – about 11,000.

Following are workers from Croatia, whose employment in Slovenia no longer requires work permits with regard to Croatia’s membership in the European Union. About 7,100 employees in Slovenia are from Kosovo, and about 6,000 from North Macedonia, Biznis Info reports.

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