Improved Air Quality in Bosnian Capital and Other Cities


Due to the stabilization of weather conditions, the Air Quality Index in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina improved at 7:00 on Tuesday morning at the Bjelave metering station and the quality is good (from 0 to 50).

The PM10 particle value measured at this measuring station this morning was 14, as well as at the City Hall metering station, while at the Otoka measuring station the PM10 particle value was 16. In other parts of Sarajevo, the air is moderately polluted.

At the Otoka metering station, the Air Quality Index was 53 and moderately polluted, while at the City Hall metering station it was 55 and also moderately polluted, as well as at the US Embassy metered station, where the Air Quality Index was 63 this morning.

Due to the stated situation regarding air quality in Sarajevo, organization ‘Eco Action’ states that some pollutants can cause health problems for people who are very sensitive to air pollution.

Such persons should avoid staying outside. In other cities, the Air Quality Index is unhealthy this morning in Visoko 168 and Ilijaš 166, Lukavac 152 and Zenica 151. The population in these cities is being warned about the potential for increased symptoms and intensity of illness in people with heart and respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

Everyone else might start to feel the negative impact of pollution on health. The following groups should reduce any external physical activity: pulmonary and cardiac patients, pregnant women, children and the elderly.  Extended or higher stresses during the stay outside should be avoided by everyone else, according to Vijesti.ba news portal.

On Monday, the Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo Edin Forto and ministers met with representatives of the international community discussing the problem of air pollution in the Bosnia-Herzegovina’s capital.

After the meeting, the Prime Minister said that the purchase of air purifiers which will be installed kindergartens and protective masks had been agreed on this occasion.

Forto pointed out that one of the biggest problems when bad air is at stake is to implement and help citizens.

“What we have agreed and what we will do immediately with implementation is funding for air purificators for all kindergartens owned by public enterprise  ‘Children of Sarajevo’. We have also provided funding for the masks we will give to public employees who have to stay outside because of their work. it applies to police officers, “Forto stressed after the meeting.

This project will be implemented with the assistance of the United Nations Development Program.  Forto added that representatives of the international community praised the work of the CS government so far, and that everything the Government has done and planned to do in 2020 is far ahead of all governments so far, Radio Sarajevo reports.




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