Important Changes for Border Crossings between BiH and Croatia agreed

During the session of the Joint Commission for Monitoring of the Implementation of the Agreement between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia on Border Crossings held on May 31st this year, decisions were made on changes to working hours and temporary international passenger traffic.

In this connection, the Border Police of BiH states that the decisions of the Commission on temporary international passenger traffic over border crossings Kozarska Dubica – Hrvatska Dubica, Gabela – Gabela Polje, Vaganj – Bili Brig, Hadžin Potok – Bogovija, Orahov Do – Slano and Long – Imotica approved for three months or until the next session of the Commission.

A decision was adopted to approve the temporary international traffic of passengers through the permanent border crossing for Citluk – Jovic Bridge crossing from June 10th2019 until September 10th2019.

The temporary crossing of border crossings for the border traffic of Vinica – Aržano Pazar, Subašići – Dvorine, Tržačka Raštela – Kordunski Ljeskovac, Kaldrma Lika – Kaldrma and Zagrad – Pašin Potok was temporarily changed.

The next three months border crossings will be opened 24 hours.

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