Implementation of the Project “Smart City” very soon

October 28, 2015 12:45 PM

Sarajevo Smart City Project akta.baThe leading BH technological park HUB 387 designed the Project “Sarajevo Smart City” modelled after the already applied solutions of technological possibilities in improving numerous utility function in terms of faster, cleaner, and cheaper solutions which can be found in cities worldwide.

During the course of the meeting at the premises of HUB 387, the Prime Minister of Sarajevo Canton Elmedin Konaković and the Minister of Communal Economy and Infrastructure in the Government of the Sarajevo Canton Senad Hasanspahić discussed with the hosts about possible applications of such software solutions in different fields. Measurement and monitoring of air pollution at numerous localities in every moment, monitoring of locations and schedule of public transportation vehicles, information on availability of free parking lots at any moment, regulation of the functions of public lighting – there are just some of numerous offered application software that can find application here. Prime Minister Konaković considers Sarajevo is ready to enter a new era of development and check for further possible steps in accordance with the current capacities.

“According to our estimations, public transportation in the Sarajevo Canton would be the most suitable system for the beginning of implementation of technological solutions that are offered to us. Sarajevo has over 40.000 lighting units, and we would like to present to the citizens what does the new concept offer and bring at some experimental area, e.g. at Wilson’s Promenade. What is especially important to us is that we would achieve great savings by using this kind of public lighting management, which would amount up to several million BAM at the annual level. That money would open the possibility of new investments in further improvements of this utility service”, Konaković said.

The Sarajevo Canton is already making steps forward in the application of new modern solutions, system of electronic ticketing in some public transportation vehicles is being introduced, and around 50 eco zones for waste disposal will be available to the citizens together with local communities as of next year. By envisioning Sarajevo as a technologically “smart city”, numerous other assumptions of development are being created, from infrastructure, tourist to economic, educational, cultural and other types of development.

In the coming period, the Ministry of Communal Economy and Infrastructure of the Sarajevo Canton and KJKP “Park”, together with HUB 387, will design one experimental project, define the needs and expenses, and invite domestic producers in order to present better and bring the idea of “Sarajevo Smart City” closer to the citizens of Sarajevo.



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