The IMF confirmed: Tranche of 148.2 Million BAM in the first two Months of 2018

The head of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Nadim Ilahi, said that the remaining conditions for the continuation of the arrangement with the IMF should be fulfilled in January, and expressed the hope that a tranche of 148.2 million BAM would be paid in the first two months of next year.

He said that BiH recently fulfilled two important measures – the adoption of the Republika Srpska budget for 2018 and the amendments to the Law on excise duties, which will enable releasing and unblocking of large funds that could be invested in infrastructure, highways and roads.

Ilahi said for “Glas Srpske” that the Parliament of Federation of BiH (FBiH) has to adopt the budget for the next year, and that the government of this entity needs to initiate the process of basic assessment of two telecom companies.

“When these conditions are fulfilled, we do not see any problems to go further, “ Ilahi added.

He said talks on the budget for the next year at the level of BiH have also been conducted, and it should be adopted in January, so that IMF, in terms of concluding the first review, could appear in front of the Executive Board of this financial institution.

“Drafts of the budget that are submitted to the parliamentary procedure are done in accordance with our advice, “ Ilahi said.

He said that things in BiH are improving in economic term and that economic recovery is going on.

“With the increase of economic growth, the creation of new jobs will also occur, which is a positive trend for BiH, “ Ilahi said.

He added that the authorities in BiH stick to the reduction of consumption and the number of employees.





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