Ilidza Pearl Resort, worth 13 Million, to be built soon?

January 23, 2017 6:30 PM

ilidza biser buildingsThe company Al Diyar Real Estate has started preparatory activities related to the construction of its second major project, Ilidža Pearl, reports

Director of Al Diyar Real Estate & Al-Diyar Construction, Adul Jassim Al Kulaib, says that this project is actually a continuation of the Almontaza that is currently in the last stage of construction.

“Almontaza Ilidza is our first project in which we have already built 75 houses and already sold them. Within the previous project, there are three buildings and two duplexes,” said Adul Jassim Al Kulaib, highlighting that there are four more villas for sale.

Because of the great need in the market, the company Al Diyar Real Estates decided to continue their works, and started to work on the construction of the project “Ilidza Pearl Resort” which will cover 65,000 square metres.

“The name given to the project is “Ilidza Pearl Resort” because an artificial lake of 2000 square meters will be constructed in the very center of the resort, around which there will be residential units. The most attractive villas that surround the lake are already sold, while others are for sale, “adds Al Kulaib.

Preliminary work on the project has already begun and the procedures that are performed in an office are already done.

“As part of the project, there will be meeting places, cafes, restaurants, closed swimming pool, artificial lake, tourist agency … We will try to offer as much quality content to our customers and thus raise the value of the apartments and villas. Under the patronage of the Islamic community in BiH, a construction of the mosque is planned as well “said Al Kulaib.

The value of the “Ilidža Pearl Resort” is around 13 million Euros. Project completion is expected in late 2018. The “Almontaza” and “Centar Pearl” are located in Blazuj.

“Our customers demand to be in a natural setting, near the airport and the city, and these projects provide that for sure,” said Al Kulaib.

(Source: N1)



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