The ICJ sent seperate Letters to addresses of the Presidency Members

Presidency of B&H Visits faktor.baThe International Court of Justice sent private letters to the separate addresses of three members of the Presidency of BiH. The content of the letters is still unknown, writes “Vecernji list”.

If it turns out that this is a request for a statement of Mladen Ivanic, Dragan Covic and Bakir Izetbegovic on the request for review of the judgment by the BiH lawsuit against Serbia for genocide, there will be a great pressure on the institutions of the country.

“With this unusual practice of separate address to members of the Presidency, the International Court of Justice makes a precedent that would force the members of the Presidency to manifest on an issue that apparently causes internal disputes. In recent days, the Presidency of BiH tried to hold a session and to discuss and manifest on this matter, but after consultations, there was no agreement, and the scheduled session first left Bakir Izetbegovic, and then Dragan Covic.

“Even in such a complex situation, the principle of adopting only decisions agreed in the Presidency is preserved. This  could be undermined if it proves true that the International Court of Justice in his letters to the three members of BiH Presidency seeks a declaration an it would lead to scheduling the session of the Presidency. This kind of pressure on the highest institution of government in BiH has not been seen,” concludes Vecernji list.
(Source: klix)

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