IBU Student invented a Special Joystick with Broad Application!

inventionErmin Podrug, a second year student of the Electronics and electrical engineering at the International Burch University in Sarajevo, invented a glove which is detecting signals that the brain sends to muscles, and processes them and use to control the computers, robots or excavators.

“This is not something new in the world of electronics, but my performance and implementation is something new. These signals that the brain is sending to muscles are developing due to the difference of potentials and the signal is amplified, passed on the microcontroller, which identifies it as a logical one and zero.”

Application is possible in the “gaming” industry, controlling of the heavy machinery, but the application is broad and can be applied in every sphere.

” I started to develop the joystick during the last year, after I saw on some show that same guys from Serbia are controlling another hand with their own hand and then I thought, why not to try it with robots,” he added.

“Investors from France, or a company that is dealing with the joysticks saw the invention six months ago, and they contacted me and we decided to cooperate.”

Before this invention, Podrug was working on projects related to automation of sports facilities and ship locks, and he also won several awards.

(Source: n1info.com)


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