Hydropower Plants on Drina River recorded over-planned Production of Electricity

For the second month in a row, the company Hidroelektrane na Drini is realizing over-planned monthly production of electricity, thanks to an extremely favorable hydrological year, said director of the company Nedeljko Perisic to Srna news agency.

”To date, production of more than 273 gigawatt-hours has been achieved, which, in relation to the planned 140 gigawatt-hours, amounts to over 194 percent,” Perisic emphasized.

He said that the favorable hydrological situation, as well as operational readiness and personnel potential significantly contribute to this result, and pointed out that at this moment they are the largest producers in the system of Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske for this year, RTRS write.

Perisic reminded that last year was dry, and that losses were generated, both in production and in business itself, with great difficulties caused by the pandemic.

”We hope that this favorable situation will last in order to successfully overcome the negative effects of the previous year,” said Perisic.

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