Hunn-Softic: Swiss Confederation has extremely good Cooperation with Central Bank of BiH

On 3 February 2021, newly appointed Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation, H.E., Mr. Daniel Hunn visited the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH). The CBBH Governor Senad Softić, Ph.D. hosted his Excellency and thanked him for efforts of the Swiss Confederation in the economic and social development of BH and emphasized that, for several years already, the CBBH have the good quality relations with the Swiss Government and its financial institutions.

Ambassador Hunn emphasized the fact that the CBBH already started with activities of implementation and usage of the technical assistance for 2021, which makes it the most successful central bank – user of the technical assistance within the BBC Programme.

Within the partnership and the support strategy of the Swiss Confederation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is extremely good cooperation with the CBBH, especially within the Programme of the bilateral assistance and capacity building of the central banks (BCC), which has been implemented with the intensive consultations with the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), and Institute for the International Studies from Geneva. During 2020, this cooperation was implemented in virtual format, via intensive consultations and education activities, according to the CBBH needs.

Upon the successfully implementation of the first phase of the Programme 2014 – 2017, it has started the second phase, i.e., continuation of the programme until the end of 2022. Support areas are: the monetary policy, more specific research and improvement of the foreign reserves management, statistics, human resources management and operation risk framework, including improvement of the Business continuity plan.

 “I extremely appreciate the prompt support and reaction of SECO in these challenging times. Thanks to commitment of the Swiss partner, as well as by the intensive efforts of the CBBH employees, the project has been implemented in continuity,” concluded Governor. Governor, at this occasion, informed H.E. Ambassador Hunn on the microeconomic data for Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as, on the CBBH activities during the pandemic, which have been done in order to maintain the monetary stability and stability of the financial system.  

During the discussion Ambassador Hunn emphasized the commitment of his country to continue the cooperation within the partnership and the Swiss Confederation support strategy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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