Hungarians to build the tallest Building in the Region in Brcko?

November 20, 2017 8:45 AM

The Molnar Company, which was recently founded in Brcko, and whose owners are Hungarians Jozsef and Milan Molnar, made a real sensation with the announcement that they are planning to construct the tallest building in the region and BiH.

Although they are planning to construct a large number of buildings in Brcko, especially interesting is 50 floors building, which is their largest idea, with which Brcko would get the tallest building in BiH and the entire region.

“Our company has plans and projects whose realization is planned, and one of the ideas is to build a 50 floors building, but in order to do such a huge venture, it requires a lot of time, effort and work. It is definitely not an ordinary building that can be easily built anywhere and at any time, and we need detailed planning and research, but we have the idea,” said one of the designers of this project and owner Jozsef Molnar.

He also emphasized that the realization of this kind of project requires research of the land, load capacity, as well as legal permission for the construction, which is a bit of a problem in Brcko, because the current legislation allows construction of buildings according to the 4 + 1 principle. That means that multi-floor buildings are not allowed for the construction, which makes this project somewhat impossible at the moment.

However, they noted that it is important that there is a willingness for the construction, and they are hoping that all legal regulations will be compiled, in order to start with the construction of the project.

“However, we have chosen Brcko district for our base, because it is the nearest border city, which is only 200 kilometers away from the border with Hungary. Of course, there are numerous other advantages as well, especially because Brcko is a district, it borders with the EU and has a really great geographic position,” noted Molnar.

Otherwise, Molnar Company was considering the expansion to BiH for two years now, and therefore, they were researching the business market of BiH for months. In Hungary, they are involved in the construction and investing in real estate, and they are planning to continue with that in our country as well.




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