Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra held Concert in Sarajevo City Hall

The sounds of famous works by prominent Hungarian composers performed by the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra filled the hall of the Town Hall on the anniversary of the opening of the renewed symbol of the city, the Day of Europe and the Victory Day over Fascism.

The ceremony began with the performance of Ode of Joy. Then it continued with virtuoso music composition by Franz Liszt, Ferenc Erkel, founder of the Hungarian National Opera, Zoltán Kodály, part of the opus with Hungarian folk music and folklore, and Ernst von Dohnányi and Franz Doppler. The Hungarian philharmonists have been awarded a long applause for their outstanding performance.

“The city of Sarajevo is extremely honored to be able to enjoy the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra with a tradition of over 90 years, after renowned Viennese, Zagreb, Moscow and Sarajevo artists, in this beautiful ambience of the Town Hall, which has become our beautiful tradition, said deputy mayor of Sarajevo, Ivica Saric.

Hungary’s ambassador to BiH, Krisztián Pósa emphasized that this concert is dedicated to the elevated musical art as well as the strengthening of friendly and partner relations between Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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