Hugs and Songs of the Players and Fans of Zeljeznicar: May every Match be like this!

Derbi Fk Zeljeznicar - FK Sarajevo 2:1Victory in the derby against the eternal rival was celebrated yesterday on Grbavica. The atmosphere after the end of the match Zeljeznicar-Sarajevo and the first impressions of the players were recorded by the media.

There were hugs and songs on the bleachers and on the court, and the fans and players of Zeljo celebrated a deserved victory in the 106th city derby against yesterday uninspired opponent.

The celebration continued even after leaving the stadium, and Zeljeznicar hopes that this result will be a milestone in their future performances in the Premier League, especially because their coach is the combative Edis Mulalic who, as a reminder, spent his debut at the bench of the Blues out of the coach seat, more precisely on the roof of the tunnel leading to the lcker rooms, due to a red card. It did not prevent Mulalic from giving instructions to the players by emphatizing with the match equally actively as when he wore the shirt of the team.

In the end, everyone wished that, as Kerim Memija said, every match ends like this.


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