Hrustovacka Cave leaves Visitors breathless


Hrustovačka cave is located ten kilometers away from Sanski Most, in the village Hrustovo. Entrance to the cave is deep, ceiling in the interior of the cave is high, and it is around 1.000 meters long. The cave is always full of visitors and it has scientific, research, educational, tourist and recreational value.

Local resident Smajo Ćerimović and owner of the land and road that leads to the cave says that people from all around the world visit this natural gem during the entire year.

“Sometimes even 1.500 cars are parked on the parking lot. The cave is located on my property, but everyone is free to pass because I want as many people as possible to see this beauty,” said Ćerimović.

The cave leaves all visitors breathless. It is very vast, which leaves an imposing impression on visitors, and there are two branches of a road inside the cave. Visitors can see strange shapes of dripstones and archaeological research conducted in early 20th century revealed that entrance to the cave has been inhabited since the earliest stages of human presence on Earth. Excavations revealed prehistoric ingles, as well as the fossils of prehistoric animals, which were food to the first people.

Hrustovačka cave is still not fully explored and there are around 200 meters of cave where humans have never set foot.

Bats that inhabit this cave are protected by law and must not be disturbed in their shelters. These natural predators can be seen on the walls of the cave in large groups, so visitors often feel uncomfortable when they see so many bats in one place.


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