HR Valentin Inzko pointed out on the General Paralysis of Political Processes in BiH


At the end of his stay in Washington and ahead of his semi-annual address before the United Nations Security Council, High Representative Valentin Inzko met yesterday with Professor Daniel Serwer and Dr. Mike Haltzel from the School of Advanced International Studies at the Johns Hopkins University, who are closely observing the social and political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The High Representative talked about the repeated challenges to the fundamentals of the Dayton Peace Agreement, the lacking sense of urgency, the non-implementation of a number of longstanding court rulings – including the case of Sejdic and Finci vs. BiH – the divisive rhetoric of some officials, and the general paralysis of political processes in the country.

“A year has passed since the 2018 General Elections and the authorities have not yet been formed on all levels. This delay has had negative effects on the general developments and has resulted, as stated in a recent report of the World Bank, in an accelerated outflow of young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the High Representative said.

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