HR Valentin Inzko: greater Inclusion of Women in Everyday Political Spheres



The High Representative, Valentin Inzko, congratulates all women in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of 8 March, International Women’s Day. He uses this opportunity to emphasize the pressing need for greater inclusion of women in everyday political and socioeconomic currents of this country, especially in the public sector.

“The Gender Equality Law of BiH – which was not imposed, but an entirely domestic undertaking –  determines a minimum of 40 percent female representation across a wide range of authorities, including legislatures and governments. Anything below that level of participation may be considered as inequality and regarded as disrespecting of the rule of law. Those governments not implementing the law are violating it,” said the High Representative.

Encouraging political stakeholders to take concrete steps to improve gender equality within all levels of government, the High Representative highlighted that “paying due respect to women in BiH society is much more than a red rose on an occasion such as International Women’s Day. The women of this country are imminently talented and dedicated – and criminally underutilized, to the detriment of all. Women deserve full inclusion and participation, and I am sure they would return twofold benefit for this country.”

The High Representative also once again called for increased efforts to prevent violence against women and to improve women’s access to quality healthcare.

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