HR Inzko travelled to Berlin to discuss current Political Developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina



High Representative Valentin Inzko visited Berlin on 8-9 September 2020 to discuss current political developments and the general state of reform processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina with senior German officials.

In the course of the visit, High Representative met with Susanne Schütz, Director for the Western Balkans of the German Federal Foreign Office, and Bundestag Members Josip Juratovic and Dietmar Nietan.

The High Representative outlined current pre-election challenges facing Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as socioeconomic challenges in relation to combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Local elections are an opportunity for citizens to decide on how politicians propose to solve their daily concerns. At the same time, politicians should not resort to obscuring the lack of results or a clear vision for the future with futile and inflammatory rhetoric about protecting national interests or topics related to regional and global politics,” said Inzko.

When speaking about the upcoming local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the High Representative expressed his satisfaction with the fact that after 12 years local elections will be held in Mostar. “This will end the shameful longstanding deprivation of Mostar citizens to exercise their basic rights. Over a decade of discrimination of the citizens of Mostar will end this year,” noted the High Representative.

The High Representative used the opportunity to thank his interlocutors for the continuous and dedicated support of Germany to the stability and prosperity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to the joint effort of the international community in the country.

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