HR Deputy Michael Scanlan paid his first Official Visit to Zvornik

Principal Deputy High Representative and Brcko Supervisor Michael Scanlan paid his first official visit to Zvornik on 26 June.

During the visit, Mr. Scanlan met with Mayor Zoran Stevanović, Deputy Mayor Bojan Ivanović, and Zvornik City Assembly Speaker Mersad Mehmedović, as well as the leadership of the Zvornik Police Administration, and representatives of the local business community.

Discussions centered on the economic and social situation in Zvornik and the benefits that private sector growth could have for all the residents of the city. Creating incentives for people to stay, as is the challenge everywhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was a central theme.

The police officials briefed the PDHR on the preparations for the upcoming commemorations in the wider area, and their commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for all residents of the community.

PDHR Scanlan said, “The economic potential of Zvornik is self-evident, be it industry or tourism, but it will take an active public-private partnership to create the necessary dynamic in order to develop these sectors.”

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