Hoyt Brian Yee: There will be no Dayton 2 in BiH

June 12, 2017 7:00 AM

Hoyt YeeThe USA are the partner of BiH and its citizens, said Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Hoyt Brian Yee. He said that his country will introduce sanctions to all of those who violate the Dayton Peace Agreement.

When asked whether the United States support the Dayton arrangement of BiH, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State replied: “Absolutely.”

“From the very beginning, the US absolutely support BiH as a sovereign state with an unquestioned territorial integrity of the two entities and three peoples.”

Hoyt Yee stated that the United States are not preparing “Dayton 2”, which would change the constitutional arrangement of BiH, but he believes that BiH really needs significant reforms.

“When will that happen, it is up to the authorities and citizens. I, as well as my government, do not believe that there should be “Dayton 2”. There are some changes that need to be done. For example, if this country wants to have the same standard of living as other European countries in the region, then it needs a much stronger economy and a better environment for business operation, with the aim of attracting foreign investors.

There must be a stronger rule of law, in order for corrupt officials not to dominate in political and economic activities, which is the case now. We will continue to support the “Dayton” and the Dayton concept, but significant reforms have to be done,” said Brian Hoyt Yee.

The US are implementing a consistent policy regardless of the administration in power, said Hoyt Yee, which means that all of those who violate the Dayton Peace Agreement will be sanctioned.

The United States will continue to support BiH and its citizens, said Hoyt  Yee, and further stated great cooperation of BiH and the US  in the fight against terrorism.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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