How will the New Lockdown affect Border Crossings in Bosnia?

The President of the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vjekoslav Vukovic, is convinced that in this “new lockdown” there will be no re-restriction of border crossings, that services will work on them for 24 hours, otherwise the slow import of creditworthy BiH companies would mean a lack of their income and costs.

At the meeting with the representatives of these companies in Vlasic, within the project “Reliability 2020”, Vukovic reminded that the import and export of BiH during the pandemic of the coronavirus were slowed down, but not stopped, eKapija reports.

”The slowness came from the fact that one of the authorities in the government determined that we have only three border crossings for imports. We are fighting so that this new lockdown does not lead to another restriction of border crossings,” Vukovic pointed out.

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