How to Clean Vinyl Siding Using a Pressure Washer


A pressure washer is a quick and comfy choice for cleaning vinyl siding from any type of pollution. However, there are some risks to damage the exterior by improper washing. Find out how to clean vinyl siding safely, making the process easy and effective.

It is important to know how to clean vinyl siding with a pressure washer only removing dirt and not damaging the home cover. It’s definitely faster and more effective than washing by hands if done right. While vinyl siding is a very dirt-resistant type of coverage, it needs cleaning from time to time, especially in season change or after some home renovations. Follow a few plain recommendations to make your home shine from the outside, no matter what type of pollution affected your siding.

General advice on how to clean vinyl siding with a pressure washer

As opposite to aluminum siding, vinyl panels have more texturized cover and tend to collect dirt. Be ready to discover grime, chalk, soot, mildew, and other deposits that look especially contrast on light-color siding. Thankfully, all these substances are easy to remove using a pressure washer (also called a powerwash) and a good soap concentrate.

The way to clean horizontal and vertical siding is pretty the same. Avoid rinsing the water directly on the siding laps to avoid moisture getting behind the panels and damage insulation. Water is not dried properly from the inside, that’s why you need to choose the right water pressure and direction.

When cleaning siding, avoid water going under the roofing accessories, as it may cause roof leakage or mildew growing under the roof. That is why it’s better to use a tall ladder and start rinsing the water from the top. Here is a step by step plan to get the job done.

Get ready

Before applying a vinyl siding cleaner, inspect the entire perimeter and make sure that there are no vinyl pieces loosened. If there are cracks on the siding, or the panels have deformated by the temperature, the water will penetrate inside. You can use professional vinyl siding Framingham service if it needs repair.

This is how to clean vinyl siding with soap and to minimize the soil pollution. Before soaping your siding, water all the ground around the perimeter, no matter if plants grow there or not. This way you make it less absorb the soap water, and it will quickly evaporate from the surface.

Apply soap on the siding

If you don’t have a special vinyl siding cleanerconcentrate, pour any multi-use liquid soap into the pressure washer reservoir. Set the soap tip into the end or the washing wand and start spraying the vinyl siding from the bottom. The bottom is usually dirtier, so it needs more time to soak. And moving to the top, you will make bottom parts stay longer under the cleaning agent. When all the wall is soaped, leave it for a few minutes to react with the dirt.

Wash it out

Change the tip on the washer wand to a general-use tip. It gives a higher-pressure stream that will remove the soap quickly and effectively together with all the dirt. Remember not to direct the stream upwards against the vinyl, move downwards the panels, and process the cover by small fragments. Otherwise, the soap will dry out quicker than react on dirt.

This is how to clean vinyl siding using a pressure washer. Usually, the siding needs washing once per 1-2 years, it depends on the climate and distance from heavy roads, dusty surfaces, etc.



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