How much will Belgrade-Sarajevo Highway cost?


The highway between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will be a path to mutual understanding and forgiveness for the peoples of the region after the wars in the former Yugoslavia, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday.

“Today there is an opportunity to show that we, taking care of ourselves and our future, can put our relations in order on our own. Roads are needed to understand each other better, and in the end forgive each other without bitterness and fear,” Vucic said at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Belgrade-Sarajevo highway.

He noted that without roads, “the region was full of doubt, fear and hatred.”

The total cost of the highway in Serbia is 1.05 billion Euros ($1.15 billion). One its section on Serbian territory to the border with BiH is 18 kilometers (11 miles) long, and the second will be 60 kilometers long. The main object on the highway is a 1.3-kilometer bridge across the river of Sava, which will be connecting the two countries.

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