How much Money has Banja Luka City Administration collected during Last Year?

January 14, 2019 1:00 PM

Banja Luka City Administration collected more than 34 million BAM of revenues on the basis of all taxes, fees and public service provision last year.

From communal fees and taxes, the Administration collected more than nine million BAM. To be more precise, the income from utility tax of companies amounted to 3,801,614 BAM and from the use of public space 427,574 BAM.

“The revenue from the use of advertising banners was 1,042,192 BAM, and from the use of parking space 3,666,512 BAM,” was told from the City Administration to Srna news agency.

From administrative tax, the city earned 1,544,696 BAM last year.

The Law on Administrative Taxation stipulates that tax stamps are issued in denominations of one, two, five, 10 and 50 BAM. In addition, they can also be paid to the city account directly.

Fees are charged for requests, suggestions, other submissions, issuing solutions, confirming, verifications and signature of a manuscript and letters.

“For the construction of land in 2018, an income of 6.176.898 BAM was realized, and based on the rent,  8.617.704 BAM, but this revenue is not charged according to the taxes issued but by the solutions of the competent Department of communal services or contracts concluded between the city and investors, “was explained from the City Administration, Biznis Info writes.



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