How much Money do MP in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Parliament spent on Telephone Conversations?


Kenan Vehabovic, Secretary of the Joint Service of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the record holder for the monthly bill for the official telephone at Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Parliamentary Assembly.

In the seventh month of this year, he “made” a bill of 421, 30 BAM. This can be seen from the answer, that is, the review of the telephone costs, which was made to the question of MP Aida Barucija, and for the period from December 6 last to August 1 this year.

Among others are Sasa Magazinovic, who spent 217.51 BAM in June and 200.45 BAM in June. Dragan Covic spoke for 207.72 BAM in the same month and 211.27 BAM for Dzenan Djonlagic.

Nikola Spiric had a bill of 208.63 BAM in July, while Asim Sarajlic had a telephone cost of 414.10  BAM in March and April, Radio Sarajevo news portal reports.




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