How much BiH has exported and imported in the First Six Months?

The Council of Ministers of BiH, at the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, adopted the Analysis of Foreign Trade of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period I – VI 2019, which is characterized by an increase of total foreign trade by 2.8%, a decrease in exports by 0.1% and import growth by 4.5%.

The total trade of BiH in the first half of this year amounted to 15.67 billion BAM. The value of exported goods amounted to 5,83 billion BAM, the value of imported goods amounted to 9,78 billion BAM, and a foreign trade deficit of 3,95 billion BAM was recorded.

The European Union is still BiH’s main foreign trade partner and accounts for 67% of the total volume of trade, followed by the signatories to the CEFTA 2006 Agreement with 13%, while other countries participate with 20%.

EU exports account for 75% of BiH’s total exports, and imports from EU countries account for 62% of BiH’s total import. In the first half of 2019, there was an increase in total trade with the EU (5%), an increase in exports to the EU (2%), an increase in imports from the EU (8%), and a decrease in the rate of coverage of imports by exports from the EU (4.7% ).

In the first half of this year, Bosnia and Herzegovina exported the most to: Germany (859.25 million), Croatia (731.76 million), Italy (704.96 million), Serbia (626.79 million), Austria (547.66 million), Slovenia (509.24 million), Montenegro (196 million), and Hungary (143.03 million).

At the same time, it imported the most from Germany (1.19 billion), Italy (1.13 billion), Serbia (1.01 billion), Croatia (989.23 million), China (717.33 million) , Turkey (471.48 million), Slovenia (453.73 million) and Austria (355.40 million).


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