How many Laws has Federal Government promised and adopted?


In this year’s Work Program, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina has promised to adopt 95 laws, 4 regulations, 12 decisions, 35 rule books and 6 strategies, as well as 11 other acts such as the budget. However, when reviewing the announcements after all this year’s sessions of the Federal Government, it can be concluded that only twenty laws have been adopted, including amendments to existing ones.

Some ministries have traditionally no plans to pass laws, such as ministries of education and science, culture and sports, and ministry of displaced persons and refugees.

What is visible is that the promise of passing some laws has only been carried over from year to year, such as the adoption of the Law on Concessions, so it can be expected that part of the Government’s new program of work, the one for 2020, will only be a copy of this year’s.

In its program of work for this year, the Federal Ministry of Interior stated the adoption of a draft law on fire protection and on the transport of dangerous goods, the Ministry of Transport and Communications announced, as in previous years, the adoption of laws on roads, the Ministry of Health promised laws on biocides and protection of citizens from infectious diseases.

The Ministry of Justice, among other things, planned to pass the Law on the Federal Constitutional Court.

On the other hand, the Federal Government has rejected a number of legal solutions and initiatives proposed by federal lawmakers to help citizens.

Elvir Karajbic, SDP MP in the House of Representatives of the FBiH Parliament, who served as Speaker of this House for the first half year, commented that by comparing what was planned and what was being realized, what was the actual capacity of the Government’s work.


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