How did the Historical Visit of Pope John Paul II to Sarajevo in 1997 looked like? (gallery)

June 6, 2015 8:00 AM

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Pope Francis will arrive to B&H today, and our capital is already overwhelmed with pilgrims who will welcome his arrival.

The best insight into Sarajevo would look like today, during a daylong visit of Pope Francis, gives just the visit of one of his predecessors.

Namely, the Pope John Paul II visited the capital of B&H in 1997, the city that has still been recovering from a four-year war horrors.

Pope John Paul II arrives at the International Airport Sarajevo on 12th April afternoon, and kissed the BH ground and blessed all its citizens after leaving the airplane.

Citizens of B&H, of all denominations arrived then to Sarajevo and welcomed Pope with open arms. They filled streets and stadium Kosevo together with numerous visitors from other countries of region, but wider as well.

Exactly at the stadium Kosevo on 13th April 1997, Pope John Paul II led a solemn Eucharist celebration. On that occasion, he invited for peace, forgiveness and reconciliation, saying that it is an important prerequisite for the reconciliation of truth and justice.

John Paul II talked about B&H and Sarajevo before his visit as well, and emphasized Sarajevo as a symbol of coexistence, tolerance and common future.

As a sign of gratitude for all what he done for B&H and its citizens, a monument in a honor of John Paul II was recently laid in front of the Cathedral of Jesus’ Heart in Sarajevo.

During 2003, Pope John Paul II visited again B&H on 22th June, when he arrived to Banja Luka. Then, as media reported, he also invited for reconciliation, peace and affirmation of man in B&H.

More than 40.000 believers attended the Eucharist celebration in Banja Luka and Pope beatified Ivan Merzo.



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