Hospitals in Bosnia owe Tens of Millions BAM to Country

Hospitals and health centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina owe the state tens of millions of marks, was announced by Radio Free Europe, referring to the data of the entity tax administrations from last year – the FBiH Tax Administration (September 30, 2020) and the Republika Srpska Tax Administration (February 29, 2020).

Debts, among other things, include those for pension and disability insurance, and according to the published schedule, the absolute record holders are the largest medical institutions in Banja Luka and Mostar – University Clinical Centre Banja Luka owes 37.7 million BAM, and the University Clinical Hospital Mostar 36.1 million marks.

Bosanska Gradisa Hospital owes 7.1 million, and Konjic General Hospital 6.5 million marks. Slightly smaller amounts are owed by the Clinical Hospital Safet Mujic Mostar (3.8 million), Health Center Drvar (two million), Cantonal Hospital Dr. Mihovil Sucic Livno (1.6 million) and the Banja Luka Health Center (1.4 million KM).

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