What is the Hit Destination for Citizens of BiH this Summer?

The absolute hit destination for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina this summer is Turkey, while fewer citizens of BiH are spending their vacation in Croatia,” according to data from tourist agencies from Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Mostar.

“The increase of the sales arrangements for Neum was recorded this year, but Montenegro and Greece were quite requested as well,” said the director of Centrotrans Muamer Lutvic, adding that there were fewer requests for Croatia in comparison to last year.

A representative of Kompas-Tours from Banja Luka Visnja Racic said that citizens of Banja Luka prefer Greece this year, but they received a large number of requests for Turkey as well.

Director of NikkiTravel Agency from Mostar Nikica Demirovic noted the southern part of Italy and the Black Sea as a great surprise of this year.

From the Jungle Travel Agency stated that citizens of BiH are mostly going to Sri Lanka, Zanzibar, Bali and Thailand when it comes to more distant destinations.





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