Highway Banja Luka-Prijedor to be finished soon?

January 11, 2017 3:45 PM

Euroasfalt Working on Highway in Slovenia sa-c.netAs announced by the Ministry of Transport of the RS, the construction of the highway Banja Luka-Prijedor-Novi Grad will start next year. However, it is said that there is not enough money for the construction.

With Chinese investors, who ordered a feasibility study of cost-effectiveness, the RS government largely negotiates. It is expected from the Chinese that will help in obtaining loans for the previously mentioned construction. Around 728 and 938 million Euros will be needed for the construction of the entire highway, depending on which of the three possible options is chosen.

“The project and negotiations have already started. There is a Chinese company in Shandong which is interested in the principle of public-private partnerships to that part of the highway,” said Nedjo Trninić, Minister of Transport of the RS.

There are three options. The first option includes highway of a length of about 78 kilometers, which will pass through the Ramici, Prijakovci, Potkozarje and Omarska. In the second case, the highway would be shorter for about four kilometers, with a similar route. The third and the most expensive option provides for 83 kilometers of highway. Still, there is no agreement on any of the previously mentioned propositions and the final one will be made after the official agreement with Chinese.

“In parallel, we are negotiating a commercial contract for the railways, and the concession contract for the highways. I hope that we will subsequently have more concrete proposals and will get the final approval from the Government,” said Dusan Topic, Director of the RS Highways.

The new meeting with the Chinese is planned for the end of January. If given the green light, the next stage of negotiations will be the one with local banks in China. While the constructor is not optimistic and does not believe that the construction could start in the next two years, the government says that there will be concrete offers very soon.

(Source: akta.ba)


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