High USAID Delegation paid a Visit to BH Central Bank

On October 5, 2018, Governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) Senad Softić, Ph.D. met with high USAID Delegation (United States Agency for International Development), today.

The USAID Delegation featured Gretchen Birkle, Deputy Assistant to the USAID Office for Europe and Eurasia, Kent Larson, USAID Mission Director in BH, Andrew Bogel, Director of the Economic Development Office of the USAID Mission to BH, Amira Vejzagic-Ramhorst, Deputy Director of the Office for Economic Development of the USAID Mission to BH, David King, Project Manager USAID FINRA (Financial Sector Reform Activity) and Marko Škreb, Technical Director of USAID FINRA.

At the meeting the information were exchanged on the projects implemented so far by the CBBH with the assistance of the USAID, as well as current and planned activities.

The Governor used the USAID Delegation’ visit as the opportunity to thank on the big assistance that this organization has provided so far in the process of reforming the financial sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the meeting, he also mentioned numerous projects that have already been successfully implemented and completed, as well as an ongoing project – USAID FINRA, a program focused on the strengthening and stability of the financial sector in BH and its alignment with the EU standards.

“Through the projects it has funded, the USAID has made a key contribution to the efficient and rapid reform of the financial sector in BH. The CBBH has had support in the payments system reform, which is considered as the one of the most successful reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in the establishment of the Central Registry of Credits of Physical and Legal Entities and in other projects, enabling the CBBH to perform better. Continuity of cooperation with the USAID was maintained through the FINRA project, “said Governor Softić.

Congratulating the 20th Anniversary of the convertible mark, Ms. Gretchen Brikle emphasized that the US Government appreciates the stability and work of the CBBH, especially because a vital financial sector, with quick access to finance, is important for companies and clients: “For more than two decades, the USAID has been cooperating with the CBBH to build in the partnership the key financial sector leverage, including the Central Registry of Credits of Physical and Legal Entities. However, there is still space for the improvement, and the USAID will continue to support the CBBH in meeting these obligations, ” emphasized Mrs. Brickle.

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