High Representative Valentin Inzko visits French Foreign Ministry


High Representative Valentin Inzko met in Paris with Nicolas Delacoste, Deputy Director for Continental Europe of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of France, to discuss most recent political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The High Representative underlined the damaging effect that constant challenges to the constitutional and legal order of the country, disregard to the rule of law in general and of the rulings of the Constitutional Court in particular, and backward looking policies have on the stability and prosperity of BiH. “If Bosnia and Herzegovina is to deliver on its promises to become a truly democratic and developed country, it will have to refocus its priorities and invest more efforts into reforms that move this country forward instead of things that constantly keep it in the past” said High Representative.

Thanking Deputy Director Delacoste for his country’s contribution and dedication to the wellbeing of BiH and its citizens, High Representative Inzko reiterated the importance of the international community’s unity and determination in its bid to achieve irreversible peace and stability in BiH.


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