High Representative invites all Parties to respect Constitutional Court Decisions 

September 18, 2016 3:00 PM

b_160917086High Representative in BiH Valentin Inzko addressed the public on the occasion of the decision by the Constitutional Court of BiH, which rejected the request by the National Assembly of Republika Srpska for the reconsideration of the decision that declared January 9 as the Day of Republika Srpska unconstitutional.

The Office of High Representative stated that decisions reached by the Constitutional Court of BiH must be respected because the jurisdiction of the Court has been clearly defined in the Annex 4 of the Dayton Peace Agreement, according to which the settlement of disputes between different levels of authority is under the jurisdiction of this court.

“To this end, the Court reached a difficult decision not to accept the request by the National Assembly of RS (NSRS) for reconsideration of the previous decision by the Court on the Law on Holidays in the RS. Furthermore, the Court suspended the application of the decision on referendum that was reached by the NSRS, until the decision on its constitutionality is not reached. Today’s decisions once again show how important the role of this court is for the respecting of the Constitution,” the OHR stated.

In this regard, the High Representative invites authorities in the RS to refrain from carrying out the referendum that has no legal basis and that would directly violate the Court decision.

“We are no longer talking about holidays in Republika Srpska, but about direct challenging of the state judiciary. As the final authority for implementation of civil aspects of the Peace Agreement, the High Representative reiterates that the Constitutional Court is the foundation of the Annex 4 of the Peace Agreement and has key importance for its implementation. Challenging its jurisdiction by carrying out a referendum would be direct and serious violation of the Framework peace Agreement, which would influence the stability of the country as well,” it was stated.

The High Representative invites all parties to respect decisions reached by the Constitutional Court of BiH, to sustain from further escalations, and turn to issues of great significance for the country and its citizens.

(Source: klix.ba)


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