Herzegovinian Cheese to become a Brand?

May 14, 2017 9:00 AM

cheeseThe area of Herzegovina is well-known for its quality cheese, which is why mapping of this area is necessary in order to present capacity and the place where it is produced, said Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture in Sarajevo Zlatan Saric.

Given that cheese is his specialty, Saric talked about production technology and especially emphasized the necessity of modernizing the facilities, as well as hygiene measures that must be corrected in order to achieve better quality.

“We still do not have any association of producers of cheese, and there are some indications to do that and to make a brand from cheese. Our producers are making quality products that are sold well, but without association, it will not be possible to create a brand, nor to perform well on the market,” said Director of the Agrarian Fund of Trebinje, Veselin Dutina.

When it comes to the registration of producers of cheese, Dutina says that there are no precise data because they are obliged to register their production and they are not obliged to opt for a certain type of agricultural production that they will be engaged in.

He also stated that there is about 400 of registered agricultural farms – commercial, non-commercial and agricultural companies, in Trebinje.

(Source: ekapija.com)


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