Heroic Act: a Doctor on her Way Home saved three Lives

November 8, 2017 4:15 PM

Yesterday in Jehovci, near Kiseljak, a vehicle flipped upside down and severely injured three people. Fortunately for them, in the column behind it was young doctor Merima Kruscica who saved all three people by quick intervention.

The traffic accident happened in the place where a driver lost control of the vehicle, after which the vehicle rolled over on its roof.

Three people were trapped in a car with serious injuries. However, in the column of cars that passed, the young doctor, Merima Kruscica, quickly helped the injured.

In her interview for the N1 Info portal, she told her experience:

“I was somewhere behind, the third car in the column, and on my right I spotted a vehicle that was turned on its roof, the wheels were still turning and smoke was blowing from the vehicle. Before me, the driver turned to the right, I followed him. I just heard banging from the vehicle, and soon the gentlemen from the nearby object came in and we turned the jeep. The door was blocked and only after we managed to break the door were we able to get out injured, who had severe head, limb and chest injuries,” she said for N1.

After that, she tended to the injured and called for medical vehicles.

“I took care of them and soon they arrived from Kiseljak. I offered to put the lightly injured one in my car and drive him to the Kiseljak Health Center, which I did and I got information that everyone was stable and released soon afterwards.”

For the end of the conversation, she described how it feels to deal with similar situations at her work.

“Such situations often happen to me and I act quite normally. You are a little proud of yourself because only when I arrived home, I thought: thank God they are still alive!”

(Source: N1.ba)


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